3 Jun 2014

The Brand New Entrance Panel for Lilaloka First Phase Building Under Construction

If you are an adventurer lost in the emerald forest of Auroville, just after passing the Kalabhumi Artist Village with its mushroom shaped houses, don’t stop!

Go on just a little bit more past the famous Zebra Crossing (with freshly repainted wood pillars in zebra colors, to mark the entrance of the Mahakali park)  - 3 meters further, on the left, you will see the brand new entrance panel of Lilaloka First Phase  (photos below for the far away adventurer-researchers). Feel free to bravely enter the Lilaloka land and admire the birth of the phase one rising from the Earth!

It’s magic AND it’s real !

Enjoy the dream come true of Lilaloka : “A place where Play transforms, where Joy open the path”.
 And remember: As flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in Joy!

Rajan and Sandrine, 2 Lilaloka members, holding the panel.  

13 Apr 2014

Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of LILALOKA, the 8 April 2014

This Tuesday, the 8th of April 2014 has been a very special day for Lilaloka project, a new birthday, the start of construction.
For this foundation stone laying ceremony a lot of people of all ages came together in a friendly family atmosphere.
After a small welcoming talk, given by Sandrine, introducing the dream of Lilaloka in the context of Auroville (see below), Anna shared joyfully how she came to know about Lilaloka and then joined the Lilaloka project.
Then all together, adults and children, we shared a moment of silence and concentration before walking towards the foundation area, nicely decorated with flowers, to offer incense, a flower, or place a symbolic brick.
In the moments that followed, children ran around, climbing the heaps of sand and gravels of the building site, laughing with joy. Adults extended their sincere support and broad smiles, inquiring gently about the plans, reading the exhibition panels and the Lilaloka booklet and flyers. A little corner offered to all who came, juices, biscuits and fruits from Auroville (donated by Naturellement and AV Bakery).
Soon there as the afternoon waned, the sun poured gentle rays of light between the trees on the building site. People were not in a hurry to leave this joyful and peaceful atmosphere and continued for a while to share their appreciation in many ways before to go home.

Lilaloka,the Laying of the Foundation Stone, VIDEO (by Manohar, click here)
 LILALOKA: The Laying of the Foundation Stone (46 photos by Manohar,click here)

Light of Lilaloka Land
Sandrine and Yvelise putting their stones and incense

Our Lilaloka stone design by Claire

Stacy,new Lilaloka member, Emanuele,illustrator,and Rajan,caretaker.
Veronique and Rajan decorating the foundation area

Anna sharing her experience of Lilaloka
Yvelise, Marianne and Stacy at the fundraising stand.

Welcome to all of you and thank you for coming to this Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of LILALOKA, Self-Learning and Resource Center for the Child!
A famous quotation says: “The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”
Auroville is a dream of the future and belongs to the future.
Within this larger dream of Auroville, many smaller dreams are poured and flourish.
They are multiple yet each one is unique.
Lilaloka is one of these dreams and was born 4 years ago.  
It seems several educators, some didn’t even know each other, received the same dream at the same time!
A dream of a non-judgmental, non-competitive, free choice and non-directive space where children can have the freedom, the space and time to discover, expand, explore and express who they are.
A place which trusts fully the child in his ability to reach by himself his source and resources , be guided by them and develop his specific unique potential.
A place which provides an environment of quietude, security, acceptance and beauty in which the child will be listened to, trusted and respected.
We felt this deep need of the children and also observed that:
When this free, trusting and non-directive atmosphere is offered to children, they naturally open and a free flow of creativity and joy spread out of them, and grow happily in an unending dynamic of learning and progress.
At Lilaloka, there will be only special needs children because each child has special needs, is unique and is a soul in evolution.
The dream of Lilaloka is to create an environment, facilitators and activities for the soul in evolution to flourish, a place where children choose to come joyfully.
This dream is offered to all children and for the child in each of us in the spirit of Auroville.
Today we put the first stone towards materializing this dream.